Event Management: Journeys, Converse, and Toms Extravaganza

Vans Party Event Planning Nashville Pacman
Vans Party Event Planning Nashville Pacman

Journeys celebrated 30 years of attitude in Nashville, TN with Vans, Toms, and Converse joining the party. Gary Musick Productions and Destination Musick City provided event management on many levels to this multi-company extravaganza. Since this was such a big anniversary, all of the stops were pulled out as top sales reps from all of the country and Britain flew in along with Vans, Toms and Converse employees. They came together and threw several monumental parties and creating memories for another 30 years.

Vans 80s Event Management Nashville TN

Big Wheel races, Pacman decor, Rubik Cubes, and many more 80’s iconic elements set the vibe for the Vans party as Cage the Elephant performed. The 80’s throwback party was held at Music City Center and was a huge success that was well received by attendees.


Pacman Decor Event PlanningPacman tablesVans Party Boombox Bars

The bars featured illuminated boom boxes and Tetris games as guests ordered drinks and enjoyed the atmosphere.journeys-80s-tetris-led-bars-angleTetris Bars JourneysEvent Management Rubiks Cubes VansVans Arcade Games

Event Management for a Prom Party

Converse hosted a Prom Party where attendees dressed up and were treated to flashbacks of their golden years as they danced to DJ Jazzy Jeff and headliner T-Pain, who performed for them. A Prom King and Queen were proclaimed at the end of the night. The decor for this party featured strips of canvas that is used in the production of Converse shoes. Even the Prom King and Queen sashes were made out of shoe material.

Converse Prom Night Event ManagementConverse Prom Party VotingLike any good prom, Converse provided a signing banner for guests to sign and write on the Journeys wall.

Converse Prom Signing BannerWe look forward to the event management next year as well.

Congratulations, Journeys! Here’s to another 30 years!